Use cases from customers

Because of confidentiality, we cannot disclose our customers' name. All stories are real, even if they've been transferred to a single industry to prevent exposure.

Use case for Executives and Managers

Understand the complex Government market with accuracy + Efficient use of resources = Winning Strategy

An executive is responsible for defining the best strategy to win more Gov. contracts by maximizing its resources and budget. He requires an accurate picture of the market and its competition. Due to lobbying restrictions, it is difficulty to access decision-making officers and information. He wants to rely on real data, not on guesses and assumptions.

Using SmartGovData Executive Dashboard, this manager has a complete view of his industry’s contracts awarded by the Government entities. He can:

Filter the awarded contracts by dates / periods
  Select one or multiple province(s)
Show the number of awarded contracts and their total / average value
Select one of the suppliers / competitors to identify precisely its customers & won contracts
Zoom it and out of the map. Access basic information about the type of contract
Obtain a detailed list of recently awarded contracts with the solicitation type, contract value, supplier, buying organization, and city
Know the procurement process used

Conclusion: Within one dashboard, the executive team knows:

  1. How many contracts are awarded and their value
  2. Who placed orders and where
  3. Who won the contracts and where
  4. Procurement process used
  5. And much more…

With accurate data, they are in better position to build a winning public corporate strategy.


Use case for Sales teams

Qualified opportunities + Proactivity towards customers = Win more Government contracts

A customer is annoyed to notice that many public RFPs are published with its competitors’ specifications or with selection criteria his company cannot match. The procurement agenda is short and he often has difficulties in changing requirements during questions & addenda process.

Using SmartGovData Sales Dashboard, the New Brunswick commercial team:

Filter the contracts that will expire in the next 6 months
  Select their province
Select their focused customer
Discover 9 contracts worth $1M are expiring and that they need to schedule representation with this customer
Get the list of upcoming contracts, with the city, contract value, actual supplier, sub-category and contract number (that can be searched on the official publication site)
Acquire all the necessary information to prepare their meeting and make sure to be invited for the next bids

Conclusion: The sales team is now more proactive toward upcoming tenders. They can approach public customers ahead of the official procurement process to pitch their products and services. The buyers benefit from the situation to generate more open bids and receive more proposals.


Use case for Marketing

Real-time true contracts data + deep granular analysis = Best understanding of customers’ needs  

A marketing team wants to understand the public market in detail per line of products. They need to know who is buying what, when, where, and from whom. They have major issues getting information from the sales team and government buyers. Their access to I.T. resources is limited and they need a user-friendly tool.

Using SmartGovData Marketing Dashboard, the marketing team can easily pull out all the information they need. They can:

Filter the awarded contracts by date / period
  Select one or multiple province(s)
Show the number of awarded contracts and their total / average value
Select the categories they are analyzing, per product line
Obtain a market summary per procurement process
Learn market repartition per province
Acquire a detailed list of awarded contracts, with the solicitation type, contract value, supplier, buying organization and city

Conclusion: Now, the marketing team has regular updates about real contracts awarded in the market. They can track their present marketing activities, quickly adjust them for best efficiency, and build future winning strategies.


Use case for Bid team

Structured process + Proactivity = High Gov. Tender win rate

A bid team is often involved in last-minute proposals. It creates high amount of stress within the group. Though the proposal process is well structured, the team wants to be more proactive regarding upcoming bids, in order to balance their workload and optimize their activities.

Using SmartGovData Bid Desk Dashboard, the proposal team can:

Filter the awarded contracts by dates / periods
  Select one or multiple province(s)
Show the number of awarded contracts and their total / average value
Select the public organization they are analyzing
Obtain monthly seasonality graphs
Select solicitation type
Acquire a detailed list of upcoming contracts, with expiry date, buying organization, contract #, award date, and sub-category

Conclusion: The bid desk and Sales team are now able to anticipate upcoming tenders. They can prepare knowledge content together with the Marketing team few months before RFP are released. They can work ahead with supporting departments to be proactive and maximize their chances of success during the bidding process.


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