Bid Intelligence Dashboard

How to gain market knowledge for every new bidding project

When answering a new RFP / tender, acquire increased intelligence data about the most recent contracts in your industry, customer buying history, and local market momentum With our unique dashboard, give your company the best chances of success at every single bid
Create simulations and conduct analysis early in the bidding process, straight at the BID / NO BID decision

Interact with our demo dashboard, it's so easy!

The dashboard below is based on real data in a specific industry. Select GSIN, select public organization, select local market, enter Full Screen mode, and enjoy your experience with real-time data visualization.

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Use case when answering a new RFP

Because of confidentiality, we cannot disclose our customers' name. All stories are real, even if they've been transferred to a single industry to prevent exposure.

Story A

A customer is annoyed to notice that many public RFPs are published with its competitors’ specification or with selection criteria his company cannot match. The procurement agenda is short and he often has difficulties to change requirements during questions & addenda process.

Using SmartGovData Executive Dashboard, the New Brunswick commercial team:


Conclusion : The sales team is now more proactive toward upcoming tenders. They can approach public customers ahead of the official procurement process to pitch their products and services. The buyers take benefit of the situation to generate more open bids and proposals.