Our mission

Smartgovdata is an organization that want to unlock to the public and companies critical insights and best analytics from government procurement and contracts.

Smartgovdata is powered by Keepoint expertise in B2G.


Our story

For over 20 years, Fabien Durand, the president and founder of Keepoint, has concentrated his efforts on advancing businesses across a variety of sectors, ranging from information technology to aeronautics. Constantly looking for new business opportunities and enterprises, Fabien turned to government procurement and immediately recognized the inherent value of public sector contracts.

In 2008, seeing his success, close colleagues insisted that Fabien monitor and write RFPs on their behalf, which led to the emergence of Keepoint. Success came quickly, especially with the Department of National Defense and Service Canada. Keepoint was born!

Since 2017, visualising the convergence between Open Data, Big Data and newest B.I software, he developed SmartGovData, bringing a new way to understand the dynamic of public market. The service is first offered with Government of Canada expenses data, then U.S. Federal contracts.

Today, we works with clients to identify thousands of hidden opportunities that are in line with their business objectives. Our strategy has helped clients exceed the industry average for successful RFPs, resulting in successful bids with government agencies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

Fabien Durand


Our sponsorship

SmartGovData is a proud Silver sponsor of the APMP, the Association of Record for Bid, Proposal, Business Development, Capture and Graphics Professionals.

APMP Sponsor
We are also involved in the APMP Canada - Maple Leaf Chapter